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TF - Sentinel Prime  TF - Sentinel Prime 

Rated 5 / 5 stars

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I haven't heard anything I would normally so easily flinch on..
This song is perfectly produced, that's all I can on the production :)
Everything is smooth, transitions, build up & vice versa
Nice rythm and variation
Good choice of instruments, and good instrument usage as well!
Good but not spectacular rolls..
Which is it, this song is not spectacular in any way.
Also the 404's are abit naggy at the end, if not everywhere :P
Still, 10/10

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Pat!M // Midnight, Tonight Pat!M // Midnight, Tonight

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I finally found a random piece worth reviewing
I hope you will take this into consideration:
1. Your song isnt leveled. It hurts my ears, some instruments are loud, some not
A song should flow well, not matter what genre it is.
2. The song changes too much, and sounds like a completely different song at points
Try with long fade outs, etc.
(Unless you never aimed to make trance)
The start of the song is commendable. Hence the 6 points i gave you.
You definitely had something there, then the loudness began :)
I also think the beat is very inconsistent, but thats just my opinion alone.